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FGP Protein Bar Box
FGP Protein Bar Box
FGP Protein Bar Box
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FGP Protein Bar Box

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(12 bars)


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Fgp bar

The very best plant-based protein bar I have ever tasted. No crazy aftertaste, naturally sweeten with fruit. I highly recommend that you try it.

Amanda Peterson
Super efficient and easy nutrition

As a professional athlete who is mostly vegetarian and who has also had some major intestinal surgeries from a digestive disease, nutrition is really important to me. I love how easy and convenient these bars make it to get so many essentials all at once without any of the health-damaging ingredients / additives that are in so many other bars. I also love to hike and backpack, and these will be perfect for when you need to bring something packed with nutrients while still being light-weight and that won't get smashed in your bag. For me, the taste is okay, but the fact that they're not filled with sugar is also one of the reasons I appreciate it - so I guess it's a little but of a trade-off there that it doesn't taste like a candy bar like some of the other bars out there. Customer service has also been great!

Fills you up and gives you energy

I love that it's plant-based. It's filling and has a good balance of macronutrients that keeps energy up. It's not sweet, don't expect a candy bar but it's good. My 16-year-old son likes them and says eating one before his workout helps him have a good sustained energy throughout the workout even at the end of a long day at school.

Sadie B
Perfect bar to fill you up

I was looking for a new bar, as I like to have one in the mid-morning in between my early am coffee and lunch. I ordered a box- the first one I had I noticed I was full for longer. Then I started realizing when I ate them mid-morning, just felt more steady, like my blood sugar was steady. I started to notice I liked how I felt the days I had one (before this, I don't think I had many proactive thoughts about a bar -haha). Now, I want to have one because I like how it makes me feel, so I am ordering my second box-

Marco Huntington
I eat these things all day long

Love them, perfect balance of chocolate and easier than a shake. I take them everywhere.