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FGP Protein Bar Box
FGP Protein Bar Box
FGP Protein Bar Box
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FGP Protein Bar Box

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(12 bars)


Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Fills you up and gives you energy

I love that it's plant-based. It's filling and has a good balance of macronutrients that keeps energy up. It's not sweet, don't expect a candy bar but it's good. My 16-year-old son likes them and says eating one before his workout helps him have a good sustained energy throughout the workout even at the end of a long day at school.

Sadie B
Perfect bar to fill you up

I was looking for a new bar, as I like to have one in the mid-morning in between my early am coffee and lunch. I ordered a box- the first one I had I noticed I was full for longer. Then I started realizing when I ate them mid-morning, just felt more steady, like my blood sugar was steady. I started to notice I liked how I felt the days I had one (before this, I don't think I had many proactive thoughts about a bar -haha). Now, I want to have one because I like how it makes me feel, so I am ordering my second box-

Marco Huntington
I eat these things all day long

Love them, perfect balance of chocolate and easier than a shake. I take them everywhere.

Christine Hendren
Effective slow-release energy.

I like these bars and will get more of them. They’re not too sweet and have a nice balance of macronutrients. They did give me gas bubbles the first few times I ate them, but those have subsided. They’re a bit sticky going down, but I’m always drinking water so that’s not a big issue.

Adam Weston
Only Plant Protein Bar like it!

Of all the plant based bars i have tried, this on really is the best i have found. I am not into processed foods and i am mainly vegan, hard to find anything that fits my needs and is not filled with trash, emulsifiers, sugars, etc. This is not my go to plant protein boost! Will purchase again for sure.