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Upcoming Diet Trends for 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we eat. We’re more conscious about our health than we’ve ever been before. Long hours stuck at home had many of us

re-evaluating our unhealthy eating habits, like comfort-eating and junk food binges. With a new year just around the corner, there are awesome new options on the shelves for vegetarians and vegans, omnivores, and anything in between. Here are some popular diet and nutrition trends we think will be huge in 2022!

Keto is as strong as ever

The keto diet is far from a new trend, but it’s as strong as ever. This low-carb high-protein diet relies on shifting your body into a metabolic state called “ketosis”, which offers a whole host of benefits, including increased energy, clearer thinking, and of course, weight loss. While interest wavered a little in 2020, Google searches for keto diets spiked in 2021, indicating that the keto will be back with a vengeance in 2022.

Plant-based meat is here to stay

Plant-based meats have come a long way since their inception. Not only are there tasty, nutritious options that can satisfy even the most voracious carnivore, they’re also a lot better for the environment than their traditional counterparts.

With interest in “reducetarianism” on the rise, the plant-based meat market grew over 30% in 2020 alone. Reducetarianism, for those who don’t know, is a new dietary trend that involves eating fewer animal products without cutting them out altogether. Plant-based meats provide an awesome stepping stone for anyone looking to reduce their meat consumption without going full vegetarian or vegan. And with supply chain issues currently causing meat prices to skyrocket, we think 2022 will be the year of the veggie burger.

Drink up the oat milk

Faux meat isn’t the only new plant-based diet trend for 2022. This year we saw a huge influx of new plant-based milks on the market, like oat, barley, and pea milk. With fewer calories and fat than cow’s milk and none of the lactose, they’re an excellent option for people who are lactose intolerant or trying to avoid high-fat foods.

Whether you’re vegan-curious, lactose intolerant, or just interested in trying new flavors, plant-based milks are an excellent way to add some variety into your diet in 2022. Just be on the lookout for flavors with added sugar or other unsavory ingredients.

Fill up on fiber for gut health

Thanks to the brain-gut connection, we know that a healthy gut leads to a happier life. Adding more fiber to your diet is an awesome way to nourish your gut’s microflora and keep your digestive tract healthy. Plus, eating foods high in fiber is an excellent way to satisfy hunger between meals. We definitely think high-fiber diets will see a rise in 2022! You can get a head start on the trend with our high-fiber FGP bars.

Made from healthy fiber-dense whole greens and chicory root, they’re an awesome way to satisfy your hunger between meals without artificial additives. And since they’re made from 100% plant-based ingredients, they’re perfect for new reducetarians, vegetarians or anyone else looking to make a change for their health.