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FGP Protein Bar Box
Amanda Peterson
Super efficient and easy nutrition

As a professional athlete who is mostly vegetarian and who has also had some major intestinal surgeries from a digestive disease, nutrition is really important to me. I love how easy and convenient these bars make it to get so many essentials all at once without any of the health-damaging ingredients / additives that are in so many other bars. I also love to hike and backpack, and these will be perfect for when you need to bring something packed with nutrients while still being light-weight and that won't get smashed in your bag. For me, the taste is okay, but the fact that they're not filled with sugar is also one of the reasons I appreciate it - so I guess it's a little but of a trade-off there that it doesn't taste like a candy bar like some of the other bars out there. Customer service has also been great!

Fills you up and gives you energy

I love that it's plant-based. It's filling and has a good balance of macronutrients that keeps energy up. It's not sweet, don't expect a candy bar but it's good. My 16-year-old son likes them and says eating one before his workout helps him have a good sustained energy throughout the workout even at the end of a long day at school.

Perfect bar to fill you up

I was looking for a new bar, as I like to have one in the mid-morning in between my early am coffee and lunch. I ordered a box- the first one I had I noticed I was full for longer. Then I started realizing when I ate them mid-morning, just felt more steady, like my blood sugar was steady. I started to notice I liked how I felt the days I had one (before this, I don't think I had many proactive thoughts about a bar -haha). Now, I want to have one because I like how it makes me feel, so I am ordering my second box-

FGP Protein Bar Box
Marco Huntington
I eat these things all day long

Love them, perfect balance of chocolate and easier than a shake. I take them everywhere.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Christine Hendren
Effective slow-release energy.

I like these bars and will get more of them. They’re not too sweet and have a nice balance of macronutrients. They did give me gas bubbles the first few times I ate them, but those have subsided. They’re a bit sticky going down, but I’m always drinking water so that’s not a big issue.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Adam Weston
Only Plant Protein Bar like it!

Of all the plant based bars i have tried, this on really is the best i have found. I am not into processed foods and i am mainly vegan, hard to find anything that fits my needs and is not filled with trash, emulsifiers, sugars, etc. This is not my go to plant protein boost! Will purchase again for sure.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Jeffrey Ziermicki
Amazing taste and super satisfying!

FGP bars are just delicious! Right mix of dark chocolate, almonds, & protein! Enjoy them daily as a mid-day snack or before/after gym workouts!

Great on the go option!

These plant-based bars are such an improvement over so many sugar-filled bars! Love that they contain greens, almonds, and sunflower seeds! Attractive packaging. They had me at dark chocolate. :-)

Missing something

I am honored to be one of the first to try these bars. As a vegetarian, I love that they are plant based. I did not hate this bar, but I did not 100% love it. I feel like it was missing a little something. Almost like it needed a salty ingredient to give it a bit more taste. The bar needs a little bit of adjustments and it will be perfect.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Shari Greenberg
Interesting Bar

I just had the opportunity to try my first FGP Protein Bar. I very much like the concept of these macro and micronutrients rolled into one bar, without added sugars. I did find the bar a bit on the dry side, and had to drink water with every bite to swallow, comfortably. The taste was a bit bland but I don’t mind that as much as I did the dryness. I’d say this is a great first prototype, but needs some adjustment somewhere.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Ashley Winnicka
Simple, Quality Ingredients and Great for On-the-Go!

FGP bars are GREAT!! Not only do they make for a yummy, satiating on-the-go breakfast or in-between snack, but they're made with healthy nutrition in mind! It is so important to me that the ingredients I consume are top quality with minimal processing, and FGP is just that. The are light in sweetness, which is also AWESOME because it doesn't trigger my sugar cravings like other sweeter, "healthy" protein/snack bars. I also am always trying to get more Greens in my diet, so the fact that FGP includes nutritious greens like Broccoli and Kale (but without that flavor of them) make it even more my go-to option for something simple and healthy in between meals, or as on the go morning pick-me-up. If you're a busy and active, and/or trying to make healthier choices without obsessing over what you're putting in your mouth, FGP bars are an AWESOME option to try!!! Highly recommend :D

Satisfying and Energy Boosting On-The-Go

I love that these bars are plant-based and not over-the-top sweet. As you find with many power or protein bars that are laden with fillers that are meant to make them addictive, like cookies, the FGP bar actually tastes healthy and good for you. Two things that would make them sing are adding a spice like cinnamon or a touch of cayenne like you would find with Mexican cookies that would make the chocolate flavor pop and add a bit more texture. You could also incorporate caffeine by introducing matcha or espresso powder for those looking for a pre-workout pick-me-up.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Leslie Gordon
Not a wasted calorie

I find these bars a big improvement over every other bar I have eaten. There is not a wasted calorie. They are not sweet. This is ok with me. It is not a substitute for a cookie, but more like a small healthy meal. I will be buying more. For 5 stars they could use a little more texture.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Terri Mattson
Fantastic fueling and fabulous change from granola bars

As a wellness coach I am asked for my "faves" and this is on the list. It is high in protein and fiber (some may experience a little tummy rumble) and those balance out the carbs and fats. The FGP bars are a nice change/switch from granola bars and I love they come from a small producer. The bar opens with somewhat of a dry first bite but grows into a flavorful satisfying protein rich, plant based option for snack or meal. These are great for travel, work out or grab and go as a nutritional healthy choice. Looking forward to sharing with clients, friends and family.

Lots of Protein

This BAR has a very good taste, and it is a healthy choice when you don’t have time to eat a meal

Great Bar! Highly recommend

I have been searching for a good tasting / healthy protein bar with greens for years - ZERO luck until FGP came on the scene. Thank you FGP

Delicious Bar

Love the nutrient content of this bar and no hidden bad ingredients- always looking for a way to add more greens into my diet. Delicious and plant based, perfect afternoon snack!!

FGP Protein Bar Box
Robin Palmer
Good suplement!

I liked the flavor profile to start, but found a bit of an aftertaste prevalent afterward. The high fat content made it difficult to consume post workout, but would be great for any other time of the day! I love the idea of getting my greens in a bar! Excited for future versions and flavors!

Plant proteins unite!

As a registered RD, CDCES, I too only recomenda products that I can get behind-this bar would be one of those. I enjoyed the texture and sublte sweetness. I found the chicory and pea protein a bit more dominant for my palate and eventhough I do not like chocolate, a rich more chocolate taste ould be great. After that addition and some cruncy to give texture: nuts, or seeds.

Future flavors would be fun maybe something with vanilla or berry or both. Keep you the good work!

FGP Protein Bar Box
Jamie Solomon
Great ingredients and nutrition profile

As a registered dietitian, this bar exceeded my expectations. The taste and texture were great. I enjoyed the subtle sweetness and the texture was not chalky like other bars on the market. The packaging is very appealing and most importantly, the ingredients are wonderful and pack nutrients that actually fuel our active bodies. I look forward to including these into my daily routine, as well as recommending these to my clients.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Kallie Dadamo
Ingredients you can trust

I live a very busy lifestyle and having clean convenient snacks is super important. I love the transparency that FGP has in regards to it's ingredients. A protein bar like FGP would appeal to many people who like to see integrity in the food they consume.

The flavor of pea protein and chicory root were dominant. I am a huge chocolate (especially ceremonial cacao) lover. I would love to taste more rich chocolate flavor and perhaps pieces of chocolate for dimension and texture.

Clean ingredients

Just tried these bars and I love the clean ingredients and the protein/fat/calorie content and always looking for a good plant based bar! Keeps me fueled for long days training clients, dancing, and moving my body. And I'm a sucker for dark chocolate.

FGP Protein Bar Box
Dalia Crocker
Love the taste and clean ingredients

As a Personal Trainer I get asked all the time what protien bars should I have, I only like to recommend bars with clean, not processed ingredients and a great taste and this one has both!

FGP Protein Bar Box
Lindsey Ray, MS, RD, LD

These bars are fantastic! As a weight management & sports Dietitian, my clients are always asking for protein bar recommendations. The issue with most bars is how highly processed they are along with additives that commonly contribute to GI distress. FGP bars are such a win! Clean ingredients, a nutrition profile that fits my clients needs AND a dose of greens! A frequent complaint among my clients is how overly sweet other bars taste. I enjoy the slight earthiness and subtle sweetness of FGP bars. I'm so thankful to discover these bars!

Super delicious bars for between meals

I love that FGP bars have very few ingredients, and a super delicious taste. This is exactly what I need before or after my workouts.